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Thanksgiving is upon us once again. It sneaks up on us faster and faster each year. When you think of Thanksgiving do you automatically think Turkey? Did you know that Thanksgiving dinner could not happen without trucks and truck drivers? Most people don’t raise their own turkeys; therefore, trucks are needed to deliver the birds. Being in the transportation industry, I always think about how holidays, like Thanksgiving, would not be possible without trucks or truck drivers. They work hard to make the holidays possible. Things have changed since the First Thanksgiving in 1621. People used to gather locally and raise their own food to eat.

In 2013, there were approximately 242 million turkeys raised in the United States. Approximately 21 percent—50 million—of those turkeys will be consumed this Thanksgiving Day. Do you have any idea how many truckloads it takes to deliver that many turkeys? No need to do the math, it is roughly 16.6 thousand full truckloads of turkey. For those of you who want to know how I reached that number: there are about 750 cases on a truck with 4 turkeys per case, which equals 3,000 turkeys. Those trucks are going all over the country to service distribution centers and grocery stores to make Thanksgiving possible for Americans. Ever wonder where each of your favorite Thanksgiving sides originates? This USDA infographic explains it all.

When driving down the road this November and you see a refrigerated semi, there is a chance they’re transporting the turkey that will be served at your Thanksgiving meal. Speaking of being on the road, make sure you travel safely to your Thanksgiving destination. The professional truck drivers of the American Trucking Association share their safety tips for traveling this holiday. Please take time to read them before you hit the road.

Happy Thanksgiving from C.H. Robinson.

- Communications Specialist- C.H. Robinson


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