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Trucking: The Impact on My Life

Trucking: The Impact on My Life

Trucking Impact

For the majority of my life, I was completely unaware of how daily essentials entered my world. Because those items just appeared, uninterrupted and without issue, I never took the time to consider the effort put forth to make it happen. Of course this was naïve of me, but at the time it just didn’t matter. It wasn’t until I started college that I realized there was an entire industry devoted to the delivery of the tools, devices, and items that make our lives easier. This is of course, the fascinating, intricate, and advanced world of trucking.

Now that I work for C.H. Robinson, nothing about my morning routine has changed, but since I’m immersed in the industry of logistics and transportation, my thought process certainly has. Simple tasks like brushing my teeth lead me to ponder new questions every day. I find myself asking, “What did it take for my toothbrush to end up in my hand?” And thanks to my job, I often have a decent answer. There was probably a designated trucking company moving loads of toothbrushes from point A to point B. But I know it’s not always so simple. Along that route from A to B, there could have been hundreds of miles of sun beaten roads, ice covered highways, and an endless landscape of untouched America. Beyond the driving conditions, that truck driver probably faced extended periods away from family and friends and faced the strain of being alone.

I started my career with C.H. Robinson booking freight for customers and tendering loads to carriers on those shipments. It was mind-boggling to learn how much goes into moving freight—like my toothbrush—from its origin to my house. Does the driver have enough hours? Is the receiver going to be ready? Will the weather affect on time delivery? Beyond connecting carriers to freight opportunities, I developed relationships with the trucking companies I worked with. I truly got to know who they were as individuals and learned what they were going through at different steps in the process.

The most rewarding part about my previous position was when carriers specifically asked to work with me. I was beyond flattered—their loyalty to me only made my dedication to helping them that much stronger. For me it was about more than just helping a carrier reposition their truck to get home. It became a personal mission to help a friend get home in time to spend time with the family and friends he left behind to do his job.

So, here’s to the late nights, early mornings, and the individuals who selflessly connect points A and B so the rest of us can brush our teeth every morning.

- Marketing Sales Consultant- C.H. Robinson


Bob Piatek

nice article




This is great! So well-written!



Wendy Zerbee

Great Article. I reposted on my FB. I know the general public does not have a clue what goes on, other than passing those annoying semi's on the road. Well written thank you.



Billy Bergner

Thank you for sharing on your Facebook and for your positive feedback.



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