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Winter Weather: A Trucking Company’s Perspective

Winter Weather and the Impact on Trucking

Winter Weather Trucking

Editor’s note: This blog was originally posted on 1/7/15. With winter arriving, we thought the post to be both timely and relevant. 

Winter weather hit many areas particularly hard and rather early this season. But none have been affected like Buffalo, NY, which suffered several lake effect snowstorms in November. Many areas south of Buffalo were pummeled by upwards of six feet of snow. Even the seasoned Buffalo residents stated that they “have never seen anything like this.” While this weather event was forecasted, the magnitude and force of the storm brought Buffalo and much of upstate New York to a halt. The ensuing mountains of snow, closed roads, and driving bans kept most businesses closed for up to a week. This storm and the classic Nor’easter snowstorms during the winter of 2013 made a tremendous impact on the transportation industry.
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- Vice President of Sales, Leonard's Express