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The Top 3 Biggest Challenges in Fleet Management

The Top 3 Biggest Challenges in Fleet Management | The Road

Challenges Fleet Management

Commercial fleet managers face many of the same problems all managers do – effectively directing people and assets, saving money, and driving results. Yet, fleet managers must often solve problems in real-time and within a shifting and sometimes volatile marketplace.

We’ve rounded up three of the key problems facing managers of commercial fleets today.

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How I Helped Create a Mobile App

How I Helped Create a Mobile App.The Road

Blog_TheRoad_Navisphere Carrier

By now, you’ve likely seen that C.H. Robinson has released a new mobile app for contract carriers. What you might not know is that they built it for carriers, with carriers. Since C.H. Robinson is a 3PL, not a contract carrier, you might think they don’t know our business enough to build an app specifically for carriers. But, you’d be wrong. My company, Sanchez Transports, was one of the first contract carriers working with C.H. Robinson to help them build the app that already helps me run my business better.
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- Owner and Manager, Sanchez Transports

Driving Efficiencies for the Carrier Community

Driving Efficiencies for the Carrier Community.The Road


Editor’s note: This post originally ran on Transportfolio® earlier this month. This is a relevant topic impacting the carrier community, so we wanted to share it with you here on The Road.

Carriers crisscross the continent to keep the flow of raw, finished, and consumer goods moving, meaning they also keep local, regional, national, and global businesses and economies moving. They’re a crucial link in supply chains, and it’s important to stay connected to the carrier community.
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- Director of North America Transportation - Western Region

Top 3 Considerations for Implementing ELDs

Semi-trailer truck

Last December, after months of anticipation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published their final ruling on electronic logging devices (ELDs). This ELD mandate marks a change in how fleets and their drivers log hours of service (HOS).
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Carrier Spotlight of the Month: Fortune Transportation, Inc.


Fortune Transportation, Inc., headquartered in Windom, MN, is this month’s featured carrier. Started in 1980 by Don and Sharon Olson, Fortune Transportation, Inc., has terminals in Greeley, CO, Roswell, NM, and Windom, MN, and operates 174 trucks/265 trailers—all temperature controlled, as Fortune specializes in hauling food and beverages. Over the last five years, the company has been heavily investing in technology, including upgraded its truck and trailer fleet.
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