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4 Tips for Streamlining Your Canada/U.S. Border Crossing

4 Tips for Streamlining Your Canada/U.S. Border Crossing | The Road

The $2 billion worth of goods and services that cross the Canada/U.S. border every day are a testament to the strength of the economic relationship between Canada and the United States.* And while both countries are strong, cooperative trading partners, shipments between the two countries are still international transactions and subject to government entry and admissibility regulations.

Carriers and drivers hauling across the Canada/U.S. border must be well prepared before even getting to the border. Here are four ways to achieve a smoother border-crossing experience:

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- Director of U.S. Customs

TCA 2016: 3 Things to Know


At the intersection of networking and knowledge is the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Annual Convention. This marked my sixteenth year attending the event, and, as always, it provided a friendly forum to discuss industry topics, issues, and trends with some of the brightest minds in the industry. My favorite part is connecting with the truckload carriers we have long-standing relationships with—it’s great to hear their insights on what’s going on in our industry and to catch up on the latest with their families, hobbies, and the sports they love.
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- Vice President of Capacity Development- C.H. Robinson

Guest Post: The Benefits of Carrier and 3PL Collaboration

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Editor’s Note: Earlier this year, Mike Riccio contributed a blog post for Transportfolio®. We’re sharing his original post here because carrier and 3PL relationships always relevant in the transportation industry. Please share your thoughts and read the blog post, Guest Post: The Benefits of Carrier and 3PL Collaboration

Some may find it odd that a salesperson for a trucking company is sitting here writing to you about the benefits of utilizing a 3PL or broker within your network. However, in today’s competitive environment, collaborative arrangements of all kinds are necessary for survival and if you choose your partners wisely you may experience many side benefits that you had not previously thought of.
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- Chief Marketing Officer for Leonard's Express