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The Logistics of Moving Freight on Mount Everest

The Logistics of Moving Freight on Mount Everest | The Road

A lot of stories have been told about the challenges that come with climbing Mount Everest. Many of them focus on the summit push itself—the high highs and the low lows of such a dangerous mission. What a lot of people don’t know, though, is that the summit window is a small piece of the adventure—a couple of days of what generally works out to be a two-month expedition.
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- Manager, Grower-Shipper Supply Chain Services

Secrets to Strategic Truckload Bids: #1 Bidding is an Opportunity

Secrets to Strategic Truckload Bids: #1 Bidding is an Opportunity | The Road


In a previous post on The Road, Kevin Rutherford explained that building logistics relationships, rather than chasing the lowest rate on load boards, is a good way for truckload carriers to stay profitable. When you start working with shippers or third party logistics providers (3PLs) regularly, they may ask you to participate in a bid as part of a procurement event.
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- Regional Pricing Manager, C.H. Robinson

3 Ways El Niño Could Impact Your Supply Chain and What You Can Do about It

El Nino Blog Image

Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published on Transportfolio®. Since this topic is relevant to the carrier community, we are also publishing it here on The Road.

Long destructive events—whether they’re caused by humans or nature—are hard to predict and even harder to plan for. California is getting pummeled with flooding, tornados, and mudslides right now. The cause? El Niño. And it’s not just any El Niño. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), predicts this year’s El Niño will be among the strongest on record. One with impact that spans the entire North American continent—but none more than California. Read More…

- Director of Air Freight Services, C.H. Robinson

Carrier of the Month: National Retail Systems, Inc.

TheRoad_CarrierOfMonthThis month’s featured carrier is National Retail Systems, Inc., (NRS), a family owned and operated company that has been proving logistics solutions for retailers and manufacturers for more than 60 years. Mike Luffy, terminal manager, has over 20 years of wide-ranging transportation and logistics experience. At NRS, he manages over seven terminals nationwide that, in total, handle over 1,100 store deliveries each week. Read More…

- Communications Specialist- C.H. Robinson