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For Truck Drivers, Depression is Real

For Truck Drivers, Depression is Real

Driver Depression

The sun is shining, you got a great night’s rest, and the route in front you for the day seems manageable as you pull away from last night’s resting place. All should be right with the world. But, in an instant, you find yourself overwhelmed with that nagging feeling that everything around you is a miserable mess.

Chances are depression has not crossed your mind.
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- Founder of Face it Foundation

No Receipts: Answers to the Most-Asked Driver Tax Question

Another tax season is upon us. At this time of year, we get calls virtually every day from drivers. Their top question: Am I in big trouble because I don’t have receipts? (The variations to this question are, I have poor records, no records, or lost/stolen/destroyed records.) Here’s what I tell people who ask.
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One on One with Anthony Brown: Veteran Truck Driver

Day in the Life  Truck Driver

Have you ever imagined life behind the wheel of a big rig? In my eight years as a carrier account manager at C.H. Robinson, I often wondered what life is like on the road. I recently got my questions answered. I had the chance to talk with Anthony Brown, a commercial truck driver who has been driving for A.N. Webber for the past six years. Anthony has 10 years of driving experience. In his entire career, he has driven 1.2 million miles. Thanks to his experience, Anthony was able to answer all of my questions about living on the road.
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- Regional Capacity Manager, C.H. Robinson