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Why Can’t Fleets Live Without Mobile Document Imaging Solutions?

Why Can’t Fleets Live Without Mobile Document Imaging Solutions?

Document Imaging Solutions

When it comes to naming what keeps fleet executives up at night, there’s no doubt cash flow remains at the top of the list. Running a fleet business is challenging, and maintaining a strong operating ratio is becoming more and more difficult as the cost of running a trucking business continues to rise.

So, where do fleets turn to help improve cash flow? Document imaging solutions. To put it in the simplest of terms—when drivers are able to capture images of trip documents and submit them to their carrier immediately after delivery—everyone gets paid faster.

Today’s technology has opened the flood gates of opportunity for carriers and drivers to take advantage of document capture and imaging solutions that offer more functionality and convenience than ever before. With the mobile revolution in full throttle, drivers are one of the fastest growing user groups for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. What does that mean for carriers? It means drivers are bringing their own devices to the party, and some mobile apps for capturing documents are producing quality images that turn into increased cash flow for thousands of fleets.

With mobile document imaging, drivers are scanning trip documents immediately after delivery; and carriers are receiving and processing those images within minutes. The workflow of these documents can also be managed from a mobile device, allowing for even more seamless processing of documents. This speeds up the revenue cycle and allows carriers and brokers to bill shippers faster.

Are drivers tech-savvy enough to use an app for that? You bet. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years in transportation, it’s to never underestimate a driver’s ability to easily adopt new technology. I dare say my own grandchild can use my iPhone® better than I can at times. Today’s technology is simple and user-friendly, and drivers and carriers are capitalizing on it.

In April of this year, Randall-Reilly Trucking Media produced a Connectivity Study that surveyed Overdrive subscribers. The research found that 79.5% of owner operators surveyed download apps for their smartphone. The study also indicated that 55.6% use the Android® platform, while only 36.8% use Apple devices. What is even more telling about this study is that 67.5% of the respondents were 51 or older—clearly showing that all generations can utilize technology.

Thanks to mobile imaging technology, solution providers are able to provide carriers with excellent tools to help them receive and process images more quickly and efficiently. Document imaging solutions are a necessity for fleet owners today—no doubt about it.

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