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Professional truck driver stories: In their own words

Professional truck driver stories: In their own words.Road


We are in the midst of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Each year we recognize the 3.5 million men and women who deliver the goods we need to survive. We all know truck driving is hard work and can be challenging, however, there are many great reasons and stories why people love being truck drivers. This year I had the opportunity to connect with truck drivers personally and find out why they enjoy what they do and what helps them feel rewarded by their profession. Here is what they had to say.

  • I enjoy being a truck driver because I was basically born and raised on the road. Most people love their hometown, which is why I love being a truck driver because it is part of my roots. My mom, dad, brother, and sister are all truck drivers. – Dave, KW Trucking
  • I like being a truck driver for a couple reasons. One, I like to drive, back in Pakistan I owned my own cab business. Secondly, I like running my own business and being my own boss, being a self-managed entrepreneur is rewarding. – Kahn, FHT Trucking
  • I love being a truck driver because my dad and uncle introduced me to the business. Being a business owner is rewarding. I also love driving and the peace of the open road. – Juan, Juan Luis Acosta

As you can see, a sense of pride, family ties, and the entrepreneurial spirit are just a few reasons truck drivers enjoy their career. What’s your story? Tell us what makes you proud to be a truck driver. Either comment in the comment section below or share on Twitter using the hashtag #DrivingProud.

Drivers are a critical piece of every supply chain on the planet and whether we think about it or not, they impact each of us daily. That’s why we want to thank you for your dedication all year. It’s what keeps our industry moving.

- Vice President of Capacity Development- C.H. Robinson


David Langrehr

Thank you Bruce, well done and well said. So glad to see a large 3PL appreciate those who get the job done!




If it wasn't for truck drivers there would not be food in the stores. and other things we need.
I am a retired truck driver after 40 years of driving I had to give it up due to health.
I had all three of my sons driving trucks.
So here is to all of the big rig drivers out there on the roads may God be your co driver and keep each and everyone of you safe.



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