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Driving Excellence: 5 Million Miles


It is always exciting to hear about the accomplishments of the hard working men and women in our industry. I recently learned about a distinguished YRC driver, Joe Brown, and the completion of his 5 million safe miles award—a once in a lifetime accomplishment that not many people experience.

Joe, his family, and YRC Freight leadership were joined by members of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Tennessee Highway Patrol, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the Tennessee Trucking Association, and others to celebrate Joe’s accomplishment in motor safety. More than 150 people attended the event.


Joe, now the only 5 million mile driver, was inducted into the YRC Freight Hall of Fame for his safety accomplishments. He joins a couple of his peers in the Hall of Fame, two of whom were in attendance to celebrate Joe—Oscar Adaway with 4 million miles and Arthur Cage with 6 million miles. After the ceremony, Joe was accompanied by YRC leadership to donate 50 child safety seats to the Tennessee Highway Patrol in his honor. That’s one for every 100,000 safe miles driven.


It’s reassuring to know that carriers continue to strive toward excellence in safety. Thank you, Joe, and all of our carriers, for everything you do to keep our roads safe.

- Vice President of LTL Transportation


Mari Ellen Borowski

That is awesome I know the dedication and professionalism it takes to make that happen. Add Ron Fuller to the list! Ron has been a line driver for Central Freight Lines for 40 years and 5 million miles of accident free driving. He was selected by the TXTA as Texas driver of the year and ATA as national driver off the year as well.



Jorge Ibarra

I agree with Mari. This is a hard accomplishment to achieve and it is good to know that drivers are recognized and encouraged to keep up this service level



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