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Cheers to Dads in Transportation this Father’s Day

Cheers to Dads in Transportation this Father’s Day

Fathers Day

Father’s Day is coming up fast yet again. Sometimes it feels like it arrives earlier every year. When I was a younger, I asked why we celebrated mothers and fathers but not kids. No matter who I asked, all the adults around me always said, “Every day is Kids Day.” I didn’t truly understand this response until my husband and I became parents last year.

It didn’t take me long at all after bringing my baby boy home from the hospital to realize that every single thing I do revolves around my kid. Every decision I make is because of my son. As a parent, everything is about the kids.

Like most other families in the U.S., I always celebrated Father’s Day by giving my dad a present and spending time with him. But only after becoming a parent myself have I found a new appreciation for everything my dad does for me. Even though I’ve been “on my own” for a while now, he never stops being a parent. My newfound appreciation makes me very excited to celebrate my dad this weekend.

Not all fathers and daughters have close relationships. But I’m one of the lucky ones. We have strengthened that bond even further because we both have careers in the transportation industry. He is a truck driver—and has been for half of my life. He hauls cars across North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. It’s always been clear to me that he truly loves what he does. He goes to work happy and comes home happy. I’ve never even heard him complain about his job (except maybe about the weather).

As a truck driver’s daughter, I know what hard work my dad commits to his job every day. I see firsthand how difficult being on the road is for him sometimes—especially when the reason he can’t get home is beyond his control. Hours of service, equipment failures, and the weather are the most frustrating reasons for him to be away from family. Because he is away for some pretty important family events, the entire family appreciates it that much more when he can be there. This year, if everything goes as planned, he will be at the cabin for a delicious Father’s Day brunch and a relaxing afternoon on the lake.

I wanted to take time to recognize all the dads in the transportation industry. Whether you are a dispatcher, president of a company, safety manager, or a truck driver, know your hard work is very much appreciated. I hope you have the chance to celebrate Father’s Day with your families this weekend—plan a brunch, have a barbeque, go golfing, or just spend time with your loved ones. And if you can’t celebrate with your family this Sunday, be sure to find another day to celebrate—you deserve it.

If you see a driver in his rig this Sunday, make sure you wave. He could be a dad away from his family to make sure you have the items you need for your own Father’s Day celebration. We would love to hear how you will spend Father’s Day. Please share your plans below.

The photo above is my dad, my son, and me last Father’s Day at the lake.

- Communications Specialist- C.H. Robinson


Kari Eliassen

What a fabulous article - and I am also very grateful for every truck driver that transport everything that all of us use every day! Thanks to all the Fathers that make all our lives easier because of the hard work they do; day-in and day-out; rain (snow) or shine! I am also proud to be the Sister of this terrific Driver and Father highlighted in this article. Happy Father's Day!



Karen Hall

Thanks for such a great article! While my dad is not in the transportation industry we do have a very strong and close relationship that I cherish. Thanks for shining a light and giving a shout out to all of the dads who work in the transportation industry - we do appreciate you.




Great article - I've been in the transportation industry for a long,long time - as a dock associate , driver , dispatcher , and now management. My dad retired from the industry and it's been a part of my life since I was a kid. Happy Father's Day to all of my fellow truck driving friends!



Grace Skogen

I am glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you for the positive feedback!



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