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Driver Shortage

Why We Need Truck Drivers

Why We Need Truck Drivers | The Road

Technology allows us to control so much of our lives—we shop, we browse, we research, we buy. We expect convenience and fast delivery regardless of the product we’re ordering or its location. But how do those goods actually get to us? The answer is simple: Truck drivers.
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Flatbed Trucking: How the Industry is Influencing Supply and Demand

Flatbed Trucking: How the Industry is Changing | The Road by C.H. Robinson

As a key piece of the supply chain, flatbed trucking must adapt and change within industries and larger market trends. Keeping tabs on economic and consumer forces helps fleet managers stay ahead of the curve and prepare their drivers, vehicles, and business for changes.
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5 Ways to Improve Driver Retention

5 Ways to Improve Driver Retention.TheRoad


According to the American Trucking Association, the annual commercial driver turnover rate has been at 90% or higher since 2012. That means trucking companies must replace almost their entire fleet of drivers each year. This problem is compounded by a commercial driver shortage across the country. So what can fleet owners do to mitigate this problem?
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3 Tips to Recruit Female Professional Drivers to Your Fleet


If you’re like most carriers today, you’re feeling the effects of the capacity crunch and on the lookout for qualified, professional drivers. Statistically speaking, women make up more than half of the workforce in the United States, but less than six percent of the truck driving population. So how can you tap into more of this population segment and add female professional drivers to your fleet?
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Driving School: A Solution to the Driver Shortage?

Driving School: A Solution to the Driver Shortage?

Driving School

When it comes to the driver shortage, you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem. It seems everywhere you look these days, you can find someone talking about the driver shortage. Whether it’s in a corporate boardroom or a booth at a truck stop, it remains a topic of conversation. At Celadon, we decided to stop talking and start doing something about it.
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