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Social Media in Today’s Trucking

Social Media in Today’s Trucking

Social Media in Trucking

With social media continuing to connect the industry, we wanted to repost this content that was first published in 2014.

Are you a driver, operations manager, or safety director of a trucking company? One thing you all likely have in common is the use of social media. The only difference is how you use it. The beauty of social media is that it brings people of the trucking industry together. You can easily join a conversation and voice your opinion. You can get information on hot industry topics. You can even read touching, personal stories of drivers doing good deeds. There are no limits to the amount of information you can share and access through social media.

As the percentage of smartphone use among truck drivers continues to increase, social media’s popularity among truck drivers continues to grow, too. They use social media to stay connected to the industry, and they use it to stay connected with their families at home. With endless hours on the road and constantly being away from their families and friends, they can stay in touch from anywhere. Truck drivers no longer have to be isolated for weeks at a time. They can scroll through their Facebook news feeds while stopped and see pictures that family and friends are posting back home. They can also keep up on industry topics that impact them by following trends and news through LinkedIn or Twitter. Or, they can even keep up on how their favorite sports team is doing.

Operations managers or safety directors may take a more strategic approach in utilizing social media, namely driver recruitment. Posting driver jobs on social media channels is a fast and effective way to reach a large audience. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can get your message to many in the industry. Trucking companies not only use social media to recruit drivers, they also use social channels to share information about their company culture. Social media gives trucking companies the opportunity to express who they are as a company to potential drivers. This is beneficial to drivers looking for jobs because they can get a feel for a company before they apply.

The growth of social media in the trucking industry is unstoppable. Social media is considered a “norm” in transportation. It is an efficient and cost effective way to communicate with your audience. Whether you are a driver wanting to stay connected while on the road or an operations manager recruiting drivers, social media plays a key role in today’s trucking.

- Social Media Strategist- C.H. Robinson



You failed to mention that employers also use social media to vett prospective employees and monitor current employees. Could this be due to the fact that you are in charge of social media for CH Robinson ?




We use to stay connected with the CB Radio. If social media is a spin-off from the radio God help us all.



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