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Reflections of 2015: Thank You Carriers and Truck Drivers

ThankyouCHRWTrucksIt is that time of the year we reflect on the things we appreciate and are thankful for. I am thankful to be part of an industry that is responsible for orchestrating the logistics and transportation that makes products available on store shelves for our everyday consumers. With holiday shopping at its peak, it is especially important to recognize the individuals responsible for delivering the toys, clothes, and electronics everyone wants—and, no, I’m not talking about Santa.

Rather than letting them go unrecognized, I want to thank the thousands of carriers and truck drivers we have relationships with in our offices across North America. You have played a key role in seeing that our customers’ freight is delivered with quality care. It is not only this time of year, it’s all year—through flatbed season, temperature controlled season, and now retail.

One of the highlights of 2015 for me was traveling and personally meeting some of the carriers we work with. I’m grateful for the opportunities to meet with carriers at their locations, as well as at industry events like the ATA and TCA. It was a humbling and enlightening experience. As we close out 2015, I am excited for an even better 2016 with our carrier community.

Again—a huge thank you to all the carriers and truck drivers out there. Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated. We look forward to an exciting 2016. Be sure to stay connected with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Keeping the lines of communication open will help us engage and collaborate as we start the new year.

I’ve shared my thoughts on the holiday season and the best part of my year. What was one of your highlights from 2015? Please share with us in the comments.

P.S. The Road will return just after the New Year. Please email TheRoad@chrobinson.com if you are interested in being a guest author on a blog topic.


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