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Key Carrier Spotlight: Midnite Express, Inc.

Key Carrier Spotlight: Midnite Express, Inc. | The Road

In March, we featured Key Carrier of the Year winner, CJ Transportation. This month’s Key Carrier Spotlight is about another award winner, Midnite Express, Inc.

Midnite Express was largely recognized for the business’ willingness to go the extra mile for customers and the strong relationships they’ve built with C.H. Robinson carrier representatives and within the West Fargo, ND, community.

Operating out of the upper Midwest with just over 100 trucks, Midnite Express has found a sweet spot by filling a niche role in the market. “Given our size, we work hard to form beneficial partnerships with our customers,” said Mike Peterson, president, Midnite Express, Inc. “For example, we have developed several partnerships to provide one-way line haul, and our customer service is also second to none.”

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After more than 30 years in business, Peterson says the trucking industry looks very different than it did when Midnite Express first opened up shop. “There have been many changes, mostly with communications and the ability to communicate real-time with the drivers. The other big changes include increased regulations and elevated emission standards for the equipment,” he said. “We are also evolving into some of the most technologically advanced businesses in the United States.”

As technology continues to become a more integral part of commerce in general, one thing it can’t do is physically move freight from point A to point B. “Without the trucking industry, the nation would come to a standstill,” Peterson said. “We have become so accustomed to the products and services that the industry provides, it would be difficult to go back to locally sourcing all of our needs.”

Peterson believes these consistent supply chain demands offer a lot of opportunity for current carriers and those potentially looking to get into the trucking business. “The industry provides many high paying, stable jobs to individuals that otherwise would not have the earning capability that trucking provides,” he said.

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