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Key Carrier Spotlight: CJ Transportation

Key Carrier Spotlight: CJ Transportation | The Road

Key-Carrier-CJ-Transportation Last month, we introduced you to Road Hogg Transport, LLC, one of our six Key Carrier of the Year award winners. Today we want to recognize CJ Transportation.

CJ Transportation also received the award for providing consistent service and unique solutions for our automotive suppliers and customers. Beyond the business, the story of how CJ Transportation began and has grown in a relatively short amount of time is quite inspiring.

CJ Transportation’s backstory
Based in El Paso, TX, CJ Transportation started when Rebeca Brito took advice from her brother and purchased and operated a truck in 2003. Her business had 70 units as of 2016, and her next goal is growing to 150 trucks and trailers, and moving toward primarily hauling dedicated freight within five years. CJ Transportation will move anything and everything including a significant volume of challenging automotive freight. They operate throughout the United States and offer cross-border business between the U.S. and Mexico as well.

In addition to running all aspects of the business and balancing her life as a mother, Rebeca is also active in the El Paso community, delivering donations during the holiday season and bringing toys and goods to orphanages in Mexico. Her dedication to balancing the demands of her business while remaining a caring friend to her employees and business connections is incredibly refreshing.

CJ Transportation in three words
Perseverance. Working with CJ Transportation was a little rocky in the beginning, but Rebeca was committed to resolving any issues, which really solidified our relationship. As a result, CJ Transportation has become a loyal and dedicated provider for the C.H. Robinson Metro Detroit office.

This characteristic is particularly important to Rebeca as well. “As a female business owner in a male-dominated field, I’ve had to weather my fair share of challenges in order to build a successful business on the foundation of a perseverance attitude,” she explained.

Honesty. “There is no time for dishonesty,” Rebeca said. “It might not be the easiest conversation, but I will always tell the truth because I want to build credibility with everyone I work with.” From my perspective as a carrier representative, it was unexpected to work with a carrier who was so upfront about everything all the time. But, it’s a quality I’ve come to both respect and anticipate when working with Rebeca and CJ Transportation.

Trust. One of the reasons our relationship with CJ Transportation is so strong is our mutual trust for one another—we are confident they will deliver on-time, quality service, and they know they can rely on C.H. Robinson to support and help grow their business.

From Rebeca’s perspective, trust is generally built through interpersonal connections. “It is critical to be able to work with customers face-to-face,” she said. “It makes the relationship stronger because you are able to meet not just me, but my whole team, and that creates a certain level of confidence.”

Recognizing individuals at CJ Transportation
Since beginning to work with CJ Transportation, I have been able to witness their rapid growth and have had the privilege to work with some phenomenal individuals. Rebeca was so kind to invite a number of representatives from C.H. Robinson to their annual holiday party where she recognized some of her top performers. We both would like to extend a huge congratulations to:

  • Alex Valdez, Owner Operator Driver of the Year
  • Cesar Giner, Company Owner Driver of the Year
  • Gabriel Cisneros, Employee of the Year (Dispatcher)

More to come about other award winners
Find out more about our Key Carrier of the Year awards and the five other recipients and watch for the next profile on Midnite Express—our winner for the 101-300 truck category.


Steve Schwenig

Congratulations CJ TEAM



Jeremiah Constant

I had the opportunity to participate in the presentation of the award for CJ Transportation. Hearing Rebecca’s story about going from an owner operator to the thriving business she has today was an inspiration. Her experience is a testament to what a small business can become when it has a strong ethic and drive to out-perform. They are reassurance that the American success story still alive and healthy.
Without contract carriers like CJ transportation we could not be as successful as we are today. They are what keeps us and our nation moving forward! I’m glad that we had the opportunity to recognize one of the many carriers that are the backbone of CH. Thank you for your service Rebecca and CJ Transportation!



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