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Carrier Spotlight of the Month: Cargo Transporters, Inc.


Cargo Transporters, Inc., began in 1966 when Forrest Pope, Jack Brown, Tony Pope, and Charles Pope created a truck leasing company in Claremont, NC. In 1982, the company started providing truckload service. Today, they have 490 trucks, more than 1,600 dry van trailers, and terminals in Claremont and Charlotte, NC, with a third under construction in Rocky Mount, NC.

John Pope, chairman of Cargo Transporters, Inc., shared more about the third-generation family company—and this month’s featured carrier—in a recent interview.

What makes your company unique?
Our company invests heavily in safety and training. Our fleet runs all of the latest safety technology to provide our drivers with the best tools available to protect themselves and the motoring public.

How do third party logistics providers (3PLs) impact your business?
3PLs are great to work with when they can bring lane density, driver-friendly facilities, and freight, as well as when they want long-term relationships.

When working with a customer for the first time, what are your expectations?
We like to work with shippers/receivers who attempt to abide by the best practices guide published by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) and National Industrial Transportation League (NITL). We also look for a location that is driver-friendly, has adequate parking, and respects drivers’ time.

If you could change one thing about the transportation industry, what would it be?
Image. The transportation industry is much more professional, much safer, and much more efficient than it gets credit for.

What should the general public know about the trucking industry?
Practically every single item that people eat, drink, wear, or use has been on a truck at some point during its product life.

What industry or technology innovations have improved efficiency within your business?
On-vehicle technologies. From mobile communications—which allow the driver to be in constant communication with our operations center—to on-board diagnostic systems that provide the maintenance shop with early warning of problems. Systems on the vehicle provide a wide range of important information for our operation and the customer to make things go more smoothly.

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