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Ryan Erhard — Regional Capacity Manager, C.H. Robinson

Ryan joined C.H. Robinson in 2005 in the Carrier Services Department. During his 10 years with the company, he has developed complex relationships as a Carrier Account Manager as well as facilitation of capacity procurement RFPs. Ryan’s current role is the Southeast Regional Capacity Manager where he is responsible for driving capacity initiatives and strategies for the Southeast Region.

An Inside Look at a Truck Dispatcher’s Job

An Inside Look at a Truck Dispatcher’s Job | The Road

A Day in a Dispatchers World

There are a lot of different elements that go into ensuring the goods we use and consume get where they need to go. Many don’t realize the complexities of the supply chain and the people (and roles) that make it run smoothly day in and day out.

I interviewed one of America’s truck drivers, Anthony Brown, to get his perspective on what life was like on the road.

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- Regional Capacity Manager, C.H. Robinson

A Vice President of Operations’ Role in Trucking

Vice President of Operations Role in Trucking

A.N. Webber

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the different roles in the trucking industry. A professional truck driver showed me what it is like to be a long haul driver, a dispatcher shared the ins and outs of getting freight to its final destination, and today I’ll share what I learned from Rob Koch, vice president of operations at A.N. Webber.
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- Regional Capacity Manager, C.H. Robinson

One on One with Anthony Brown: Veteran Truck Driver

Day in the Life  Truck Driver

Have you ever imagined life behind the wheel of a big rig? In my eight years as a carrier account manager at C.H. Robinson, I often wondered what life is like on the road. I recently got my questions answered. I had the chance to talk with Anthony Brown, a commercial truck driver who has been driving for A.N. Webber for the past six years. Anthony has 10 years of driving experience. In his entire career, he has driven 1.2 million miles. Thanks to his experience, Anthony was able to answer all of my questions about living on the road.
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- Regional Capacity Manager, C.H. Robinson