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Raymond Flemming — Owner, Flemming Cargo Securement

Raymond Flemming is the owner and founder of FCS, Inc. (Flemming Cargo Securement). Ray has been in the transportation industry for 37 years. He started his career as a driver. He is also a Certified Cargo Security Professional recognized by the North American Transportation Management Institute. Among many attributes, Ray was honored as a Loss Prevention Professional of the Year.

Refrigerated Freight: Best Practices to Protect Yourself

Refrigerated Freight: Best Practices to Protect Yourself

Refrigerated Freight Best Practices

We are in the midst of summer. The transportation of refrigerated freight is at its prime. Everyone wants their fresh summer produce, meat for the grill, and ice cream to cool off on a hot and humid day. Being in the cargo risk management business for 23 years and a driver prior, I have pretty much seen everything that can happen to carriers if the proper steps are not in place to protect your refrigerated freight. The consequences for the carrier are not cheap.
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- Owner, Flemming Cargo Securement