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Pat Nolan — Vice President, Operations

Pat Nolan is the Vice President of Operations at C.H. Robinson. In this role, Pat has responsibility for operations and truckload capacity procurement, focused on delivering a world-class experience for customers and contract carriers. Pat began his career in 1993 at American Backhaulers, where he developed his career in all facets of the transportation market. After C.H. Robinson's acquisition of American Backhaulers in 1999, Pat became one of the directors in Chicago. Pat was promoted to North American Surface Transportation Vice President in 2013 and was named Vice President of Operations in 2017.

Why We Need Truck Drivers

Why We Need Truck Drivers | The Road

Technology allows us to control so much of our lives—we shop, we browse, we research, we buy. We expect convenience and fast delivery regardless of the product we’re ordering or its location. But how do those goods actually get to us? The answer is simple: Truck drivers.
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