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Kevin Rutherford — Founder and CEO, LetsTruck

As a third generation owner/operator, Kevin bought his first truck at 22, and had a fleet of 11 trucks by age 28. Kevin started offering tax and accounting help to other owner/operators in 1990. He created his own fuel mileage tracking and accounting software to help small fleets better manage their financials. As an industry advisor, he speaks to various industry groups—from owner/operators and drivers to fleet executives, brokers, and associations. Kevin was a member of the Florida Trucking Association’s “Road Team” and developed an audio/video/workbook program titled, “Stop Holding the Steering Wheel and Start Driving Your Business” to help owner/operators build successful businesses. In 2007, Kevin started hosting his own satellite radio show, “Trucking Business and Beyond,” which was the basis for his ongoing podcast network, AudioRoad Network.

The Secret to Small Carrier Profitability


I bought my first truck at 22. By the time I was 25, I had 11 trucks. And that sounds great, but at one point, I was close to filing bankruptcy—all because I didn’t understand one important part of the business. I didn’t understand the financial numbers.
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