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Keith Boutell — Capacity Key Account Manager

Keith is currently a capacity key account manager. He started out as a buyer in 2000, then moved into an account management/capacity management role. Each day, he works with different contract carriers to help them improve their supply chain efficiency. He tries to help provide day-to-day solutions along with dedicated opportunities by building strong relationships and gaining intimate knowledge of the carrier’s needs.

Carrier Spotlight 2018: A.N. Webber

I’ve never met more authentic people than my contacts at A.N. Webber. Their straightforward and reliable service makes them a clear leader in my mind. After working with them for 16 years, I’m pleased to announce that they’re our Carrier of the Year in the 101-300 size segment.

They continuously provide capacity solutions for many of our top customers. From drop trailer, committed, and dedicated trucks, they excel in every area. And their willingness to step up for several customers during hurricane relief efforts is also worth mentioning as an example of their excellence. Read More…

Key Carrier Spotlight: Cargo Transporters

Key Carrier Spotlight: Cargo Transporters | The Road

In May, you met one of our Key Carrier of the Year winners, Riteway Express. In this month’s Key Carrier Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to Cargo Transporters, another award winner.
Read More…