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David Conover — Senior Vice President, Dutko Grayling

David Conover is Senior Vice President and Director, Energy and Environment Practice at the global public affairs and government relations firm Dutko Grayling. He previously served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Energy’s Policy and International Affairs Office. - See more at: http://blog.mytmc.com/fuel-management/guest-post-an-age-of-abundance-can-new-fuel-supplies-drive-prices-down/#sthash.QqJjkvQK.dpuf

Where Are Diesel Fuel Prices Headed in the United States?

DieselBlogIn recent years, diesel fuel has become an increasingly attractive fuel option due to its positive impact on fuel economy. Diesel unlocks its efficiency potential by delivering 15% more energy per drop when compared to gasoline. On average, diesel engines are 30% more fuel efficient and can reduce fuel stops by 20% compared to a gasoline engine. Diesel is also more prevalent because it is now available at 52% of U.S. filling stations. Given diesel’s advantages in efficiency and mileage ratings, where is diesel use headed in the United States, and what are some of the factors mitigating its broader expansion into the market?

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- Senior Vice President, Dutko Grayling