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Craig Dancer — Senior Vice President - Marsh USA, Inc.

Craig Dancer has 23 years of experience in the risk management consulting and insurance advisory fields. As senior vice president at Marsh, where he has been for 19 years, he is responsible for directing a dedicated team of industry specialists and subject matter experts in transportation operations. Previously, he developed risk solutions and services for a wide spectrum of clients within the transportation industry.

What Does ATRI’s New Trucking Survey Reveal about Insurance Costs?

TheRoad_InsuranceThe American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released their annual Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking for 2015. Based on a compilation of survey results from motor carriers representing 54,833 tractors and trucks across multiple segments and fleet sizes, the survey results identified an 11% year over year increase in truck insurance premiums when normalized on a per-mile basis. While the study did not break out the increased costs by coverage line, there are a number of factors driving premium increases.

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- Senior Vice President - Marsh USA, Inc.