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Billy Bergner — Marketing Sales Consultant- C.H. Robinson

Billy joined C.H. Robinson in July 2012 working in one of the Minneapolis branch offices. In his first year, he worked closely with various customers and carriers on a daily basis. Billy is currently part of the Marketing & Sales Response Team. He is working with incoming customer requests and distributing them throughout the Robinson network. Billy is also aligned to the Great Lakes and Mid-North regions sales teams through marketing.

Trucking: The Impact on My Life

Trucking: The Impact on My Life

Trucking Impact

For the majority of my life, I was completely unaware of how daily essentials entered my world. Because those items just appeared, uninterrupted and without issue, I never took the time to consider the effort put forth to make it happen. Of course this was naïve of me, but at the time it just didn’t matter. It wasn’t until I started college that I realized there was an entire industry devoted to the delivery of the tools, devices, and items that make our lives easier. This is of course, the fascinating, intricate, and advanced world of trucking.
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- Marketing Sales Consultant- C.H. Robinson