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Separating Home and Work: One Transportation Professional’s Approach

Transportation Professional’s Perspective: 3 Ways to Keep Your Home and Work Life Separate

transportation work and home

Editor’s note: This blog post originally ran last year. Since it’s one of our most popular posts, we wanted to share it with you again.

Transportation operations can be stressful and intense. Unfortunately, we all know that it’s a job that does not always end when we leave the office. Sometimes there are issues that follow us home because they require additional follow-through at night or on weekends. Sometimes we head home thinking everything is wrapped up tight, but a cell phone call disrupts a perfectly quiet night with your family. The question is, how do we manage these times without letting it affect our families?
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- Vice President Operations, Van Wyk

Carrier Spotlight of the Month: Cargo Transporters, Inc.


Cargo Transporters, Inc., began in 1966 when Forrest Pope, Jack Brown, Tony Pope, and Charles Pope created a truck leasing company in Claremont, NC. In 1982, the company started providing truckload service. Today, they have 490 trucks, more than 1,600 dry van trailers, and terminals in Claremont and Charlotte, NC, with a third under construction in Rocky Mount, NC.
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TCA 2016: 3 Things to Know


At the intersection of networking and knowledge is the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Annual Convention. This marked my sixteenth year attending the event, and, as always, it provided a friendly forum to discuss industry topics, issues, and trends with some of the brightest minds in the industry. My favorite part is connecting with the truckload carriers we have long-standing relationships with—it’s great to hear their insights on what’s going on in our industry and to catch up on the latest with their families, hobbies, and the sports they love.
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- Vice President of Capacity Development- C.H. Robinson

Drivers in the Spotlight: 4 Reasons for Their Growing Influence on Supply Chain Management


Editor’s note: This post originally ran on Connect. Since it’s a relevant topic for the carrier community, we decided to share it with you here on The Road.

The changing competitive landscape in trucking is focusing more attention on the role of drivers in the management of supply chains.
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Top 3 Considerations for Implementing ELDs

Semi-trailer truck

Last December, after months of anticipation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published their final ruling on electronic logging devices (ELDs). This ELD mandate marks a change in how fleets and their drivers log hours of service (HOS).
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