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What’s Up with Capacity? A 2015 Midyear Update

TheRoad_MidYearLast year at this time, I talked about the delicate balance of capacity, and how issues like the driver shortage and ongoing regulations were tipping the scales to create a fairly tight capacity supply. The driver shortage is still with us, and the continued regulatory environment hasn’t changed much, but the apparent capacity supply has tipped back into a much more balanced environment. What’s behind it? Truck tonnage growth is slowing, and last week, DAT Trendline reported a 22% decrease in the spot market YoY. So did the fallout from the weather disruptions in Q1 of 2014 cause an ongoing shortage throughout 2014 that has now softened in 2015, or is there more to it? A few items I haven’t talked about much in the past may now be impacting the market. Read More…

- Vice President of Capacity Development- C.H. Robinson

Where Are Diesel Fuel Prices Headed in the United States?

DieselBlogIn recent years, diesel fuel has become an increasingly attractive fuel option due to its positive impact on fuel economy. Diesel unlocks its efficiency potential by delivering 15% more energy per drop when compared to gasoline. On average, diesel engines are 30% more fuel efficient and can reduce fuel stops by 20% compared to a gasoline engine. Diesel is also more prevalent because it is now available at 52% of U.S. filling stations. Given diesel’s advantages in efficiency and mileage ratings, where is diesel use headed in the United States, and what are some of the factors mitigating its broader expansion into the market?

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- Senior Vice President, Dutko Grayling

The ELD Mandate: 7 Questions Every Carrier Should Answer

Day in the Life Truck DriverThe electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is an upcoming rule that will require over 3.4 million drivers to use an ELD to electronically record their record of duty status (RODS). With its large scope, and with the significant impact to how fleets will track their hours of service (HOS) compliance, this is one of the most significant pieces of legislation affecting the trucking industry today. All carriers should get the facts about the ELD mandate to ensure they are prepared. Below are our top seven questions and answers to prepare for the mandate.   Read More…

- Marketing Channel Manager, Omnitracs

How Do Your Operational Costs Measure Up?

Trucking Operational CostsYou are likely aware that the last several years have been very challenging for the trucking industry. The combination of many factors, including economic uncertainty, driver availability, volatile weather, and regulatory changes, have all been financially impactful. Are you concerned with how these circumstances may have affected your operational costs? Would it be valuable to understand how your operational costs compare to your competition? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you understand the value of benchmarking.
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