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Truck Driver Health and Fitness

Doing More to Improve Truck Driver Health Issues | The Road

Truck Driver Fitness

Too often, long haul truck drivers die before their time. Truck driver health and mortality aren’t issues that we have historically paid much attention to, but if we are to achieve our potential as an industry, or as individual companies, we must start helping, enabling, and educating drivers to improve their health and prioritize wellness.
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- President, Prime, Inc

How to Mitigate Cargo Theft

How to Mitigate Cargo Theft

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft in the United States continues to create challenges for our nation’s supply chain. No one is immune to the impact of cargo theft. Although insurance companies carry a majority of the risk, we all stand to lose when cargo is removed from legitimate supply chains.
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- Vice President of Business Development, CargoNet

Can a Growing Economy Offset New Regulatory Costs?

Can a Growing Economy Offset New Regulatory Costs?

Growing Economy

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and ATRI and do not necessarily reflect those of C.H. Robinson.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) collects massive amounts of both trucking industry and government data, anonymizes it, and then analyzes the data in myriad ways. For instance, with our “operational cost” analysis we can see that per-mile and per-hour fuel costs are reaching all-time highs, and may exceed 2008 costs in the next year. We can also see that driver wages and bonuses are climbing for veteran drivers—both because of the driver shortage and the need to keep “safe” drivers from heading to greener pastures.
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- Vice President, ATRI

TCA 2014: Driver shortage still an issue and there is no easy fix

TCA 2014: Driver shortage still an issue and there is no Easy Fix

TCA Recap

Each year the titans of trucking come together for the annual TCA conference. This year was no different and I had the opportunity to attend and hear the topics firsthand. This conference attracts a wide variety of attendees, all of whom are interested in constructive dialogue about today’s carrier challenges.
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- Regional Capacity Manager- C.H. Robinson