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How Do Your Operational Costs Measure Up?

Trucking Operational CostsYou are likely aware that the last several years have been very challenging for the trucking industry. The combination of many factors, including economic uncertainty, driver availability, volatile weather, and regulatory changes, have all been financially impactful. Are you concerned with how these circumstances may have affected your operational costs? Would it be valuable to understand how your operational costs compare to your competition? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you understand the value of benchmarking.
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- Cargo Risk Manager- C.H. Robinson

Shipper Attributes: A Trucking Company’s Perspective

Attractive FreightBeing the owner of a trucking company is not a nine to five kind of job. I work around the clock every day. The things I keep top of mind for my business are being profitable as well as keeping my drivers and my customers happy. I would say most—if not all—trucking companies can relate to this balancing act. In order to succeed at these areas of my business, I consider and evaluate what I perceive are the top attributes of a shipper.

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A Vice President of Operations’ Role in Trucking

Vice President of Operations Role in Trucking

A.N. Webber

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the different roles in the trucking industry. A professional truck driver showed me what it is like to be a long haul driver, a dispatcher shared the ins and outs of getting freight to its final destination, and today I’ll share what I learned from Rob Koch, vice president of operations at A.N. Webber.
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- Regional Capacity Manager, C.H. Robinson

Get Ready for Produce Season: Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind

produce season carriers

Produce season is here. Whether you run a refrigerated truck as an owner-operator or are a fleet manager with multiple trucks, you are on the verge of some very busy months. Last year, several events impacted the season. While the drought situation remains the same this year, there are a couple more things that will likely influence your produce loads.
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- Manager, Grower-Shipper Account Management, C.H. Robinson

Easing Tax Time Jitters with Often-Overlooked Deductions

Easing Tax Time Jitters with Often-Overlooked Deductions

Trucking TaxAs a long-haul driver, you’ve already got enough on your mind: getting the load delivered on time, saving money to pay for that transmission overhaul, and now keeping up with when you have to “take a nap.” As if that’s not enough, now it’s tax time!
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- CPA, eTruckerTax