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Relationships Work Better than Focusing on Rates

Relationships Works Better than Focusing on Rates.The Road


A few months ago, I wrote about how important accurate accounting really is for small carrier profitability. Today I want to continue on the topic of profitability, but from a slightly different angle. It’s my experience that many owner/operators and small carriers have one approach to find loads—one that’s not always the smartest, or the most profitable.
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The Image of Trucking: How Can We Change It?

The Image of Trucking: How Can We Change It.The Road


Typically, as we reach this halfway point in the year, I like to discuss current, top-trending issues. Today, though, I’d like to talk about something else that has been on my mind lately: the image of trucking.
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- Director of Capacity Development- C.H. Robinson

Thanking Dads in Transportation this Father’s Day

Thanking Dads in Transportation this Father’s Day.The Road

Fathers Day_The Road image

Father’s Day is this weekend, which means it’s time to recognize the influence that fathers and father figures have on our lives. For many, fathers are coaches, mentors, motivators, and number-one fans. They not only teach us how to tie our shoes and ride a bike, they instill within us values that we carry for the rest of our lives.
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Top 10 Truck Stops in America

Top 10 Truck Stops in America.The Road


Editor’s note: This blog post was inspired and adapted from a blog post on Teletracnavman.

What do you look for in a truck stop—delicious food, comfort, maybe even shopping? For many truck drivers, the road is their home and truck stops provide an opportunity to refresh after a long day of driving. Here are ten truck stops throughout the United States that have more to offer than most:

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- Director of Capacity Development- C.H. Robinson

2016 C.H. Robinson Foundation Scholarship Recipients Announced

2016 C.H. Robinson Scholarship Recipients Announced. The Road

Scholarship Recipients

Many would argue that there’s nothing more powerful than education. Education is a great opportunity; an opportunity we get to help fund through the C.H. Robinson Foundation Scholarship for Truckload Contract Carriers. Congratulations are in order for the 10 recipients of this year’s program.
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- Chief Human Resources Officer