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5 Ways to Improve Driver Retention

5 Ways to Improve Driver Retention.TheRoad


According to the American Trucking Association, the annual commercial driver turnover rate has been at 90% or higher since 2012. That means trucking companies must replace almost their entire fleet of drivers each year. This problem is compounded by a commercial driver shortage across the country. So what can fleet owners do to mitigate this problem?
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Relationships Work Better than Focusing on Rates

Relationships Works Better than Focusing on Rates.The Road


A few months ago, I wrote about how important accurate accounting really is for small carrier profitability. Today I want to continue on the topic of profitability, but from a slightly different angle. It’s my experience that many owner/operators and small carriers have one approach to find loads—one that’s not always the smartest, or the most profitable.
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Guest Post: The Benefits of Carrier and 3PL Collaboration

Guest Post: The Benefits of Carrier and 3PL Collaboration

Trucking and Logistcs

Some may find it odd that a salesperson for a trucking company is sitting here writing to you about the benefits of utilizing a 3PL or broker within your network. However, in today’s competitive environment, collaborative arrangements of all kinds are necessary for survival and if you choose your partners wisely you may experience many side benefits that you had not previously thought of.
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- Chief Marketing Officer for Leonard's Express

The Image of Trucking: How Can We Change It?

The Image of Trucking: How Can We Change It.The Road


Typically, as we reach this halfway point in the year, I like to discuss current, top-trending issues. Today, though, I’d like to talk about something else that has been on my mind lately: the image of trucking.
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- Director of Capacity Development- C.H. Robinson

The Road to Eliminating Cargo Theft

The Road to Eliminating Cargo Theft.The Road


Editor’s note: We originally ran this post in the Spring. With cargo theft being a hot topic in the summer months, specifically around the holiday weekend, we wanted to share it with you again.

Cargo theft can happen anywhere, anytime, and it impacts carriers, shippers, manufacturers, and consumers. In addition to disrupting the nation’s supply chains, these thefts can drive up costs for businesses and consumers, including insurance premiums, transportation expenses, and retail prices.
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