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Transportation Makes Halloween Happen

Transportation Makes Halloween Happen.TheRoad


Halloween is upon us once again; pumpkins, costumes, and candy are everywhere you turn. As I approach my fifth year in the transportation and logistics industry, it is pretty cool to be able to tell my family and friends about all of the hard work that goes into getting those pumpkins, costumes, and candy to the store and on the shelf for them to purchase.

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- Public Relations and Social Media Strategist

How I Helped Create a Mobile App

How I Helped Create a Mobile App.The Road

Blog_TheRoad_Navisphere Carrier

By now, you’ve likely seen that C.H. Robinson has released a new mobile app for contract carriers. What you might not know is that they built it for carriers, with carriers. Since C.H. Robinson is a 3PL, not a contract carrier, you might think they don’t know our business enough to build an app specifically for carriers. But, you’d be wrong. My company, Sanchez Transports, was one of the first contract carriers working with C.H. Robinson to help them build the app that already helps me run my business better.
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- Owner and Manager, Sanchez Transports

Hauling Freight Across the Canada-U.S Border? 3 Things You Need to Know

New to Cross Border Shipments? 3 Tips for an Efficient Experience.The Road


As strong, cooperative trading partners, the world’s largest trade relationship is between Canada and the United States [1]. Shipments between the two countries are international transactions and subject to government entry and admissibility regulations, so as a driver, it’s important that you are prepared well before you reach the border. Here are three things you can do for a smoother border-crossing experience.
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- Manager, Toronto Capacity    

The Road to Eliminating Cargo Theft

The Road to Eliminating Cargo Theft.The Road


Editor’s note: We originally ran this post in the Spring. With cargo theft being a hot topic in the summer months, specifically around the holiday weekend, we wanted to share it with you again.

Cargo theft can happen anywhere, anytime, and it impacts carriers, shippers, manufacturers, and consumers. In addition to disrupting the nation’s supply chains, these thefts can drive up costs for businesses and consumers, including insurance premiums, transportation expenses, and retail prices.
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7 Things to Know: Sanitary Transportation of Food Final Rule

7 Things to Know: Sanitary Transportation of Food Final Rule.The Road

White Transportation Trucks at a Warehouse

Editor’s note: This post originally ran on Transportfolio in April. Since this is a timely and relevant topic, we wanted to share it with you here on The Road.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released text for the final rule for the Sanitary
Transportation of Food as required by the 2010 Food Safety Modernization Act. There were some significant changes made in response to comments when compared to the draft rule. Here are some quick things to know regarding this widely anticipated rule:

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- Director, Government Affairs- C.H. Robinson