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Autonomous Trucks, ELDs, and More at ATA’s Management Conference and Exhibition

Autonomous Trucks, ELDs, and More at ATA’s Management Conference and Exhibition.TheRoad


Autonomous trucks. Safety. Today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace. The future of trucking. These, as well as a significant number of others, were key discussion topics at this year’s American Trucking Association’s (ATA) Management Conference and Exhibition. In my role at C.H. Robinson, I study market pressures, disruptors, and evolutionary market cycles to bring valuable insights to our customers. This year, I was able to attend ATA’s conference to listen to the debates, ideas, and insights of today’s trucking industry.
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- Director, Research and Market Intelligence

Top 10 Things to Keep in Your Truck

Top 10 Things to Keep in Your Truck.TheRoad

10 things for your truck

Being on the road all day, every day, for weeks at a time is a lifestyle that professional drivers know better than anyone. Inclement weather, breakdowns, and the unknown can cause long days and even emergency situations. These things can happen at any time, so it is important for truck drivers to have basic essentials and be prepared for all types of events.
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- Owner, JTL Carriers

Get Ready for the Second Annual Women In Trucking Conference

sKeep Appreciating Truck Drivers


Are diversity and inclusion important to your business? If yes, there’s still time to register for the second annual Women In Trucking (WIT) conference, Accelerate! Conference and Expo. The event takes place November 7-9 in Dallas, TX. After last year’s successful event, we expect attendees and exhibitors to double at this year’s conference. As a board member for WIT and a woman in the industry, I think it’s extremely important for all companies to discover how gender diversity can positively affect their businesses.
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- General Manager- C.H. Robinson

Carrier Spotlight of the Month: Ward Transport & Logistics Corp.

ward trucking

Ward Transport & Logistics Corp. is a family-owned and operated asset-based LTL, truckload, brokerage, and warehousing provider based in Altoona, PA. Founded in 1931 by William W. Ward as a “one truck, two man” operation, Ward was the first to offer Central Pennsylvania farmers access to the New York City market where produce was in great demand. Ward hauled produce through the streets of Manhattan in exchange for cases of oil to take back to his rural suppliers. Over the years, Ward Transport & Logistics Corp. has evolved into more than just a trucking company.
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- Communications Specialist- C.H. Robinson