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Carriers Weigh In: Staying Connected Through Technology


What essential technology do you need to run your business? If I had asked you the same question five years ago, would your answer be the same? Did the technology you rely so heavily on today even exist five or ten years ago? We interviewed a few carriers to see what essential technology they valued most in their business today. Their responses varied widely, yet they all had one thing in common. Read More…

- Social Media Strategist- C.H. Robinson

Carrier of the Month: Coast to Coast Express, Inc.

TheRoad_Coast-to-CoastI recently sat down with James Taylor from Coast to Coast Express, Inc., to learn more about the family owned company that’s just getting started. In 2014, two brothers started Coast to Coast Express, Inc., with four trucks and eight trailers. As a small, family owned and operated company, Coast to Coast Express, Inc., has grown modestly over the past year while maintaining a family atmosphere. Now with a fleet of nine conventional tractors and 25 trailers, their main lanes of travel are in Texas and Northern and Northeastern states. According James, they specialize in travel from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Coast, hence the name Coast to Coast Express, Inc.

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Limited Spaces, Big Demand: A Look at the Parking Shortage

TheRoad_ParkingIssuesThe truck parking shortage is a long-standing issue that spans the nation from coast to coast, and a solution doesn’t seem likely in the foreseeable future. Some of the drivers I’ve spoken to report that they’ve made it a habit to secure parking spots at truck stops by 3:00 in the afternoon; waiting just a few more hours can significantly reduce their chances at finding open spaces. Why all of the competition for parking spots? Read More…

What’s Up with Capacity? A 2015 Midyear Update

TheRoad_MidYearLast year at this time, I talked about the delicate balance of capacity, and how issues like the driver shortage and ongoing regulations were tipping the scales to create a fairly tight capacity supply. The driver shortage is still with us, and the continued regulatory environment hasn’t changed much, but the apparent capacity supply has tipped back into a much more balanced environment. What’s behind it? Truck tonnage growth is slowing, and last week, DAT Trendline reported a 22% decrease in the spot market YoY. So did the fallout from the weather disruptions in Q1 of 2014 cause an ongoing shortage throughout 2014 that has now softened in 2015, or is there more to it? A few items I haven’t talked about much in the past may now be impacting the market. Read More…

- Director of Carrier Services- C.H. Robinson